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Tarwee aims to revive writing and criticism in Saudi Arabia and the world.

It is one of the winning Publishing houses in the Publishing Accelerator program sponsored by the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Authority in cooperation with Monshaat.

We strive to provide extraordinary services to help writers and authors complete their literary works, from training to publication, and then supply them with the opportunity to succeed.


Our story

The story began when the founder sent her first novel to five publishing houses. Three of them rejected her work without explaining their reasons. She then started her journey to find out where she went wrong as a writer and began communicating with critics and experts specializing in the Arabic language to acquire an answer. After that, she amended and revised her novel based on the advice and criticism she received. However, the surprise was that the two remaining publishing houses from the previous five had agreed to publish the novel in its first version before the author presented them with the new version.


Without a doubt, The author shared the newest version of the novel, but she was obsessed with this deficiency in the Arab publishing industry, so she decided to strengthen those previous ties and establish an institution that would be the right hand of all writers, and help them develop their books in the best possible way. 

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Your first step into becoming a writer begins here.

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Tarwee means telling a story 

Tarwee means enriching ideas

Tarwee means growing capabilities

Tarwee's Virtual Library

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Tarwee Newsletter 

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