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Launch service 
To publish and distribute all kinds of quality assured books
Idea service
To direct, guide, and help authors produce their books in the best way possible. 
Letters service
To train and develop writers and authors in the Arabic language and writing.
Contribution service
Contribute to the enrichment and serving our society 

Our services help 

Beginner writers

Advanced writers

Diverse writers 

Creative thinkers 

Investor thinkers 

Contribution service
idea service
Contribute to community service through various programs
  • Communities for writers and readers

  • Free meetings, events, and contributions

  • Supporting cultural programs for different age groups

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Tarwee has more than 20 different topics and levels for workshops. The topics vary between specialized writing techniques, such as creative or descriptive writing, and techniques for writing a specific type of books, such as children's or adult literature books or intellectual books, and the basics of language and rhetoric, how to edit and proofread, and other detailed workshops that are concerned with developing a specific skill in writing.

As for the levels, each type of workshop has specific levels of trainees, starting with beginners, then intermediate to advanced.

letters service
To train and develop writers and authors through workshops, seminars and meetings specialized in the Arabic language and writing.
  • Workshops for beginners and advanced

  • Workshops on the basics of the Arabic language, different types of writing, writing methods, and various book writing techniques.

  • Meetings and seminars with writers and specialists for the public benefit

Idea service
To direct and guide writers, study their content, and help produce their books in the best way possible. 
  • Individual consultations with the author

  • Constructive criticism in the content and guidance of the writer

  • Present the content to critics and specialists

  • Present the content to the target audience

Learn about our vision when designing book covers and targeting the right reader, and see our overall quality idea that will be the base of all books published by you and us
Launch service 
To publish and distribute all kinds of books after revision and correction with our friends of publishing houses
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  • Editing, proofreading, and translation

  • Cover design and output

  • Marketing and publishing

  • Get the seal of Tarwee's literary or intellectual quality approval





Our services help

Publishing houses
Literary agents
Cultural communities
Literary partner

Localization management
Creative, non-literal translation from foreign languages into Arabic, and producing the book in a way that suits the Arab reader, taking into account preserving its original tone
Event management
Cooperate with cultural societies and literary partners to provide training services and raise cultural awareness to enrich the community
Quality Management

Criticizing the books that the house intends to publish, along with editing and editing them to suit their target audience

Vision management

Reading and filtering books sent to publishing houses or libraries, evaluating them based on the values, principles and vision of the institution, and recommending the most appropriate books for them

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