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Where is Tarwee's headquarters?

Tarwee is an online platform based in Saudi Arabia.

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How can I apply for your services and communicate with you?

Applying for our services through the official website and questionnaires on the Contact us Page. You can also contact us through our social media accounts or email:

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Your services include which type of books?

Our services are provided for all fields of books except for expressive writing, such as literary reflections and poetry.

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Do your services include editing scientific books?

Our services include editing and proofreading scientific books in terms of language, spelling, and grammar, as well as scientific and intellectual criticism.

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Can I use only one service?

You can apply for one service request for your book, and it is not required to provide the entire series of services. However, obtaining Tarwee's Quality Seal is only possible after benefiting from Idea and Launch services.

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Why would I trust Tarwee's Quality Seal as a reader?

Tarwee's Quality Seal stands for teamwork; From 10 or more people who have reviewed and approved the content. With time readers will trust the stamp and be convinced of its credibility after testing and evaluating it in various books in various fields.

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What are the Troy Quality Seal standards?

Seal standards include Tarwee's Publishing Standards and Friendly Publishing House Standards.

The most important of these standards in literary and intellectual writing are:

 - The text is free of grammatical and language errors

 - Accurate targeting of content to the reader

 - Unique and Creative content ideas and style

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What are Tarwee's Services prices?

Contribution Services: Free attendance and participation.

Letters service: Workshop prices start from 150 riyals.

Idea Service: The price is determined based on the content.

Launch Service: The price is determined based on the content.

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Where are the workshops held?

Physical Workshops: Riyadh - the place will be specified in the workshop announcement.

Online Workshops: The link will be sent when registering for the workshop.

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I am a writer, and I want to know my percentage when publishing my book?

The percentage varies

The percentage varies according to the costs incurred, as we have two options:

- The writer bears all costs: here, the writer has the most significant percentage

- Tarwee Publishing House bears all costs: here, the House has the largest percentage



The percentage varies according to the following:

Services provided to the books are determined after the official meeting with the writer.

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I have an idea for a book, but I am not a writer; how can you help?

We have an assistant writer service, as the author (the person with the idea) must submit the book's content, and our team rephrases it and produces it in the best way possible.

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How does the house divide author's, writer's, or book rights?

The author's rights are always for the writer and the author, but the book's rights are only by agreement. The author, the House, or both can have the rights to the book and the Friendly House if published with them.

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Where will the books be published after they are completed?

IIf the book is in writing, reading, and criticism, the book will be published in Tarwee House.

As for other fields, we cooperate to publish the book through friendly publishing houses specialized in the type of work presented.


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